Engine Audio 2010 Year in Review

We want to take this opportunity to spotlight some of the folks we have worked with in 2010. The end of the year is a time to reflect on what you were grateful for. These are some of the relationships that Engine Audio is truly thankful for!

Each project required its own unique approach, and delivered its own set of rewards. Thanks to everyone, and we hope to hear from you in 2011!


ZeeGee Games – My Tiny Planets

My Tiny Planets is a Flash based virtual universe filled with educational games and information for children. The Tiny Planets universe is a popular childrens cartoon in the United Kingdom. Engine Audio worked with ZeeGee Games to develop some of the audio for the Tiny Planets online experience.




ShakeABeat iPhone App

In June 2010 we released one of the first air drumming iPhone apps out to the world called ShakeABeat.  The app utilizes the accelerometer of the iPhone to trigger collections of loops and samples in time.



NCAA Football Recording

with Watson Wu

We had the pleasure of accompanying one of the best field recordists in the industry while recording crowd ambiences during the UF vs LSU game.  The sound of recording 90,000+ screaming fans is deafening! It was obvious to us that Watson was a pro with a field recording kit, and it was great to work with and learn from the best.



Depth: Aquatic Stealth

Engine Audio has joined the team behind the new underwater UDK game called “Depth:Aquatic Stealth”. This game is being developed by the same group that produced the wildly successful Unreal Tournament MOD “Killing Floor”. The combination of unique game play and top notch art work has made Aquatic Stealth a beautiful and terrifying canvas. We are enjoying bringing that same impact to its sound track.


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