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Engine Audio is finally allowed to discuss our involvement in a game called Depth. Depth is an underwater multiplayer thrill ride of the highest order. After many months of in game testing and development, it still makes me jump out of my seat.

Depth is the brainchild of Alex Quick and Digital Confectioners. The game play pits teams of gold thirsty divers against blood-thirsty (and downright cruel) sharks. This game is set as a 4 vs 2 to balance out the mechanics. We will let you take a guess as to which side needs the extra numbers.

The Divers must defend themselves from the great predators of the sea while doing their best to defend their submersible safe cracking robot S.T.E.V.E. Divers who dare to gather sunken treasure are rewarded with bragging rights and enough cash to upgrade their load out. Believe me, it is in your own self interest to upgrade your gear. The Sharks hunt their prey in the deep with heightened and upgradeable senses. Oh, and of course a lot of razor sharp teeth.

Engine Audio became involved in the project in 2010 after watching some of the initial prototype captures. It was obvious that Alex was developing an ambitious game with a lot of potential for audio design. We contacted Alex to discuss working together and jumped right into the deep end.

The game had gone through several iterations when Alex decided to put development on an indefinite hiatus. Alex began a relationship with New Zealand developers “Digital Confectioners” who had a depth of experience with the Unreal engine and revived and transformed the game into what it is today.

Depth was created with a team of great developers including Alex Quick, Digital Confectioners, Super Genius, LevelDesigner and of course audio and implementation by Engine Audio.

Thank you for checking out this announcement, and thank you for purchasing Depth. We will have a series of behind the scenes articles relating to the audio development coming soon.

Audio Highlights:

  • Audiokinetic’s Wwise integrated into Unreal 3 engine
  • 14 high caliber weapons
  • Separate and unique audio mix heard from shark or diver perspective
  • 1p/3p multiplayer game created new audio challenges
  • Occlusion through the rocky Olmec temples or sunken metal ships

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  1. Brandon Pye
    November 17th, 2014

    Great write up Mr. Latham! I’ve seen some buzz about this game in some of the gaming press I think on Kotaku or Destructoid maybe. Either way its awesome that you did the Sound Design for it, i will check it out when i have some time. I hope the game is a huge success for all involved. It is great to see such creativity and quality in an Indie game.