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Located in Orlando, FL, we are a team of digital audio content creators. We provide fast, reliable service that is detail-focused and deadline aware.

With secure ftp access internet communication and delivery we can operate as a fully independant team with access to a community of musicians and talent.

We are looking foward to collaborating with you. Share with us your vision, or ask us about ours. Either way, lets see how Engine Audio can fill your audio needs.


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Chris Latham - chris@engineaudio.com

Chris grew up a serious gamer with a healthy obsession for music, it was only natural that the both passions should progress together. Interests began early when he tried to rip apart game soundtracks and rearrange them in audio tracker software. Pursuing a career in computer audio Chris graduated from Middle Tennessee State University Recording Industry program with a double minor in Computer Science and Entertainment Technology.

His next step was to return to Orlando, where he grew up, to begin freelance work requiring on-set production and recording voice talent for local clients. He worked to create media for some of the top local live acts and national touring productions. He progressed on to teaching at the highest levels in one of the industries top schools. Working at Full Sail Chris began instructing students on the workflow of a recording session, and the art of post-production for television and film.

Chris specializes in his ability to render a sound from thin air, twist it, warp it, and spin it around 360 degrees. Being a competent musician he is also skilled in creating original scores or remixing existing works into new styles. As a certified operator of many of today's top hardware and software platforms, he stays on the cutting edge of many new media forms and applications. Chris strives for the highest quality professional work at every step of the process, from design to implementation.

EA Sports Pics

Tom Todia - tom@engineaudio.com

Tom helped create Engine audio after 12 years of Professional Audio development. Originally from the music production world, he now focuses on sound production for games.

A professional Engineer with experience in the Major label market, Tom has worked with recording artists ranging from Ziggy Marley and Brian McKnight to Jennifer Lopez and Gloria Estefan. Helping him to become a well versed Audio developer, he has handled extensive voice over and ADR sessions for the likes of Sony and the PGA.

Tom graduated from Full Sail University in 1996, and currently lectures Multimedia Audio topics at his alma mater.